Austank is “The Steel Tank Specialist” and a leading supplier to the Australian Market.

Austank specialises in the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of a wide range of Steel Storage & Process Tanks for the Petroleum, Energy, Chemical and Power Generation Industries.


At Austank we live and breath quality and the Australian Standards. These two are integral and critical to our success. We have a strong Vision and Mission Statements that are at the core of or work ethic.

Our quality control system has total traceability. Our in house manufacturing procedure is signed off and counter checked at its critical points. Customer approval of all drawings / specifications is required prior to manufacture. The internal finish on standard tanks is vacuum cleaned with the tank being air pressure tested to 35 KPA in accordance with AS 1692 – 2006.

Tanks of all sizes are built to exceed AS 1692 - 2006 & AS 1940 - 2017 with special designs engineered for industrial and customer requirements. Our welders adhere to certified welding procedures during manufacturer, with further checks being made prior to painting and dispatch. Austank regularly maintains all equipment ensuring a professional result with the safest outcome.

Australian Standards

All our tanks are built to Australian Standards; AS 1692-2006 Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids, AS 1940-2017 The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids & API650 Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage (where required),  Ladders & Platforms are built to Australian Standards AS 1657-2018 Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairs and Ladders.


Austank started in 1985 as a company building domestic heating oil tanks and lube oil tanks for suburban Melbourne and Sydney. As the use of heating oil declined, Austank diversified into manufacturing larger tanks for the petro-chemical industry.  From the 450 ltr oil tank that Austank started with, the Company now manufactures tanks ranging from 15 litres to 1.2 million litres.

Whilst working closely with WorkSafe, Austank has further diversified into installation of tanks & associated pipe work as well as becoming involved in the removal of existing tanks & pipe work. Due to Austank’s broad experience, consultation is often sought at the design stage as well as existing sites to ensure that they comply with Australian Standards.



Environment Protection Authority (EPA)

Austank works closely with the EPA & various authorities across Australia in the decommissioning, removal & remediation of existing sites. This includes, but is not limited to the following areas, underground tank testing, degassing, decommissioning & disposal; soil testing, remediation & disposal; removal, disposal or re-routing of existing above & under ground pipework. All appropriate certification is provided upon completion & all works are undertaken as per EPA guidelines 888 & Australian Standards.


Austank Vision Statement

Our vision is to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

  • People: Be a place where people want to work and are inspired to be the very best they can be. 
  • Productivity: Be a highly efficient, motivated, effective organisation. 
  • Partners: Nurture and sustain a valuable network of customers and suppliers. 
  • Profit: Maximise long term return to the business and the employees. 
  • Procedures: Have clear, concise procedures in place to ensure the safety of our employees at all times and provide a quality product fit for purpose.


Austank Mission Statement

In order to achieve our vision we, as a Company need to prepare for the future now. Our purpose as a Company is to provide a product to our customers, which exceeds their expectations. Austank wants to be recognised as a leader in our industry.

To ensure this we need to:

  • Provide a safe workplace
  • Employ and train the best person for the job
  • Do what we do very well
  • Be accountable for our actions and inactions
  • Learn about our competitors
  • Remain responsive to change

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Recent Projects

Floriculture - 180,000 litre insulated tanks

Leading Victorian growers “Boon Roses” and “Piovillica flowers” have both commissioned Austank to build 180,000 litre insulated tanks to supply constant hot water.