Australian Transport Industry

Austank Steel Tanks for the Australian Transport Industry.

The Australian Transport industry is critical to the economy of our nation. As an industry it works under extraordinary conditions. The sheer size of Australia with it’s population centers spaced great distances apart, the remoteness of many of the smaller towns and the tough climatic conditions that can change dramatically in just a days drive. 

The enormous distances mean that fuel management is a major logistical challenge for the industry. Having control over the cost, quality and location of fuel is paramount to controlling costs. Austank has been working with major players in the transport industry for over 25 years successfully helping them to manage this balancing act.

Austank can offer you a turnkey solution for each individual site enabling you to effectively manage and monitor fuel use and costs. Having your own on site supply saves time and protects you from the daily fluctuations in the market pricing.

We offer the transport industry a specific range of solutions from a simple fuel storage tank to multi compartmentalised tanks with sophisticated computerised fuel metering and cost management system. All systems are designed and built in our Melbourne plant to our clients requirements and are guaranteed to meet all of the appropriate Australian Standards. 

All Austank tanks are built under our strict Quality Assurance Program and we offer an extended warranty of up to 5 years with the Service and Maintenance Agreement when negotiated as part of the purchase.

There is a large range of tank sizes available in both our single skin and self bunded range extending from 100 litres to 110,000 litres. Our self bunded tanks are fully self contained and can be moved from site to site if required. Austank tanks can be designed and manufactured to suit the size and shape of the space that you have available and we also offer standard sizes when space is not an issue. All Austank tanks are built to withstand the tough Australian Conditions.

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Recent Projects

Truck Mounted Tank for Waste Oil

Austank was commissioned to develop and fabricate an 8,000 lt transportable waste oil tank for a new truck.