50,000 litre fuel tank and installation for NSW Coal mine

BMD Construction commissioned Austank to build and install a 50,000 litre fuel tank required as part of the extensive infrastructure they were installing for Ulan Coal in NSW. 

The horizontal single skinned tank sits in a concrete bund. As with all Austank tanks, this one was built to order and complies with all the relevant Australian Standards.  

Compliance is of great importance to the Australian Mining Industry, therefore working closely with Austank, whose engineers are fully conversant with all the applicable Australian Standards, ensures they know they are installing a quality product they can rely on

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Steel Tanks

Fuel Storage Tanks for the Australian Aviation Industry - NSW, NT, WA and QLD

Over five million passengers are transported each month on Australian domestic commercial flights. Australians can thank the family-owned Austank for making such travel possible. Austank has become synonymous with bulk fuel storage tanks for the Australian aviation industry across NSW, NT, WA, and QLD.