Truck Mounted Tank for Waste Oil

The client delivered the bare truck to Austank’s premises where crucial details of the chassis were noted and measurements were taken.

Austank’s 8,000 lt tank comes complete with internal baffles, external ladder,visual gauge, manway access and applicable signage.

Once the tank was installed, the client picked up the truck to have his installation completed by others, ready for Vic Roads.

The Austank Team was commended on the quality of their work.

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Steel Tanks

Fuel Storage Tanks for the Australian Aviation Industry - NSW, NT, WA and QLD

Over five million passengers are transported each month on Australian domestic commercial flights. Australians can thank the family-owned Austank for making such travel possible. Austank has become synonymous with bulk fuel storage tanks for the Australian aviation industry across NSW, NT, WA, and QLD.