Vertical Tank Installation for Bendigo

Austank were able to supply the four tanks required within the specified turnaround time, scheduled for the on-going operations of the local oil collection facility.

The storage tanks consisted of one off 90,000 litre tanks and three off 70,000 litre vertical tanks delivered to a brand new site.

These tanks were designed with a splash guard the full height of the tanks allowing the installation to comply with AS19490.

The tanks were coupled together with the ability to transfer product from tank to tank and to fill or pump out an individual tank. They were connected by flexible line to the truck via the pump.

The electronic control system controlled the flow rate, into and out of vehicles, to the predetermined tanks. This system measured the viscosity and also the tank levels to alleviate any overfill situations and give immediate feedback on the tank volume.

The electrical control panel was located outside the bund for ease of operator use.

Access to all tank valving was via the walkway that continued the full length of the bund with individual stairways to each valve set.

In accordance with the code there is an entry and exit point externally of the bund.

Austank met the requirements with three days to spare, which meant the Austank installers were able to be on-site to assist when the Worksafe and EPA inspections were conducted, if required. All passed.

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Steel Tanks

Above Ground Fuel Storage Tanks

Where space is not a limiting factor, Above Ground Fuel Storage Tanks are traditionally used due to lower setup costs, installation and maintenance benefits.

Austank's Above Ground Fuel Storage Tanks come complete with steel cradles and are ready to be placed in a bund.