Design and Engineering of Steel Tanks

Design and Engineering of your Steel Tank

When you order your tank from Austank, it is custom designed and built to suit your requirements. From start to finish, you can be assured that your tank & installation is right for you. Austank recognize that every tank and application is different. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to design and build you a tank, that works for you, in your space and environment. Although this approach costs a little more than an imported tank, you don't need to change your site to fit the tank, we'll change our tank to fit your site. The added peace of mind from knowing that the tank is engineered and designed specifically for you, greatly outweighs the premium you will need to invest to purchase this Australian made product.

Compliance to Australian Standards

Australian Standards are our expertise. When you advise us of your intended scope, whether it be a tank or an installation, we will work with you to ensure that your project not only meets your requirements but is also  fully compliant. Compliance is critical to your site and our business. 

Once our engineers have nutted out your design it is transferred to one of CAD systems or Solidworks software before it hits our quality control team for the first time. They make sure that the design will build well and meet our criterior for strength and longevity. 

Fabrication of your Tank

Prior to fabrication our engineers will put together a CAD drawing and a copy will be sent to you for approval.  Once approval is received the tank documentation and drawings will be issued to our factory for manufacture. Your Austank contact will be responsible for your project and will follow it right the way through to completion. If you have commissioned us to install your tank your Austank contact with work alongside our specialised site team to  .

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Steel Tanks

Built-to-Last Self Bunded Fuel Tanks in NSW, NT, WA and QLD

Built-to-Last Self Bunded Fuel Tanks in NSW, NT, WA and QLD. How are the steel tanks we design and build at Austank better than the competition? There are two factors that define the premium quality of every product we offer. The first is an unwavering dedication to all relevant Australian standards and regulations. For instance, we are specialists in the construction of 'self bunded' fuel tanks in NSW, NT, WA, QLD and throughout Australia as a whole. A 'bund' is the wall that surrounds a fuel tank. A self bunded fuel tank, therefore, is a vessel that includes built-in containment fail safes to prevent spills or overflows. These steel tanks have both inner and outer walls, with an outer layer that can be used to contain overflows or leaks.