Fabrication of Steel Tanks

Fabrication of industrial Steel Tanks in AustraliaIn

In our manufacturing plant in Melbourne our team of highly qualified engineers build your tank from the ground up. Carefully selecting quality materials and fittings, forming them and welding them together using state of the art equipment and all the skill they have gained from years of experience.

Every one of them understand that once you take delivery of your tank the first fill of fuel, oil, chemical or hot water will cost you almost as much, if not more, than the tank they are building. To you the contents of this tank will be part to your companies success and prosperity for many years to come so the quality of our build must reflect this responsibility. 

Twenty five years of designing and building Steel Tanks allows us to recognise potential points of weakness and to build in safeguards that are way beyond the requirements of the tough Australian Standards that are our Engineering bible. 

Our attention to detail right from the first weld to the quality of the exterior coating is extreme. It is a given that a tank will sparkle as it leaves our manufacturing plant. What matters more to us is that a tank can remained in service  for many years.

Quiet assured performance year after year after year is what we expect from our tanks. Of course, like every piece of quality engineering, it is important that valves, motors and seals are services annually for your complete piece of mind.

Every tank we build has a different configuration of equipment to seamlessly slot into the clients plant. Some of our tanks will be totally stand alone, others are part of a complex industrial plant. To us each configuration is as individual as it is to you.

We keep no tanks in stock, each tank is built to your order, your configuration and for your use. At Austank we take full responsibility for how are tanks are build, something that no importer or foreign manufacturer can do.

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Steel Tanks

Fuel Storage Tank for Australian Agriculture

Fuel is the lifeblood of commerce, whether you are powering tractors in the field or heavy duty mining equipment in the earth. With so much equipment requiring a supply of fuel to operate, it makes good sense to keep a stockpile on your station, at your mine, or wherever else your business's operations call for it. From aviation fuel to diesel fuel, they all require specially built tanks for proper, safe storage. Not only is proper tank construction essential for protecting the quality of your fuel, but it is a necessary safety measure, too. Tank failures can lead to environmental damage and enormous costs, not only regarding clean-up but also in regards to lost fuel. When you require a fuel storage tank in NSW for your operations, call Austank first.