Austank Containerised Fuel Cells

Austank has developed a containerised fuel tank with a holding capacity up to 95,000lt; this tank is fully engineered to meet all the appropriate Australian standards.


Austank’s Containerised Fuel Cell can be placed as part of a fuel farm, piped up together or separately, giving maximum capacity in a limited area. Each tank is individual and can hold the same product or different products as required.


Austank’s Containerised Fuel Cell can be designed and fabricated with a number of compartments suitable for holding different types of oils etc

Austank is experienced in following ITP’s and producing in depth MDR’s and Ops Manuals.


Austank can provide a solution to your fuel storage needs and add value to your project.

All Tanks manufactured to meet or exceed current industry and Australian standards 


  • AS 1692 - 2006 Steel Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids  
  • AS 1657- 2018 Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairways and Ladder - Design, construction and installation  
  • AS 1940 - 2017 The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquid 


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Industries we serve

Australian Transport Industry

Fuel and oil storage tanks, up to 110,00 litres, and fuel management systems built specifically for Transport industry.