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Austank Offers Transparent & Trustworthy Manufacturing of Chemical Storage Tanks for Industry in NSW, NT, WA, and QLD

Across Australia's large industrial disciplines, from mining to petrochemical production and refining, there is a consistent need for chemical storage tanks in QLD and elsewhere. Keeping chemicals on-site is a function of both necessity and convenience. Whether storing solvent extractants or other reagents for mining applications, or fuel, lubricant, and oil, you must be able to rely absolutely on the quality and durability of the tanks you invest in. Not only is it important for you to have a place to store chemicals you use and produce, but to preclude environmental damage is critical as well. Foreign-produced tanks can be of dubious quality and constructed of lesser materials. Instead, turn to the trusted name in the fabrication of steel chemical storage tanks for NT industries: Austank.

Family owned and operated since 1985, Austank puts its three decades of experience in creating tanks to use providing trustworthy solutions to Australia's industry. Our goal is to be the manufacturer your business relies upon due to our dedication when it comes to providing superior service and accountability. We engineer our tanks to stand up to all of Australia's harshest conditions — and we test them thoroughly. Your company can put its faith in our products; here's why.

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Austank can fabricate chemical storage tanks for any WA operation in a wide capacity range, for materials ranging from the inert to the very corrosive. Whether the tanks you order are large or small, they all undergo the same extensive battery of testing to guarantee durability. These tests can include:

  • Hydrostatic testing (water used to test structural integrity at pressure)
  • Air pressure testing (to further ensure against leaks)
  • Dye penetrant tests (to expose any surface cracks or anomalies)
  • X-Ray testing

Austank provides our clients with the opportunity to undertake inspections of their tanks while under construction. By appointment, you can visit our facilities to observe the quality assurance and testing procedures we utilise with your storage tanks. Austank's goal is to communicate and assure we deliver excellent products to every client. We offer unparalleled access to the process for peace of mind in your investment. Additionally, our full-service process includes on-site installation with a dedicated team to ensure everything about your tank is up to specification before installing it in an operational capacity.

Enquire today about utilising our chemical storage tanks in NSW

Never have doubt or concern about the integrity of your chemical storage tanks in NSW — with the Austank quality assurance team and our high standards on your side, you can rest easy. If you have any questions about our process or wish to make any other enquiries, we encourage you to call us at your earliest convenience. Please ring us on 03 9775 1688 to discuss your questions with a member of our staff, or visit our contact page to send us a direct enquiry via email. Austank is excited to bring you a better class of storage tanks.

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Industries we serve

Australian Aviation Industry

The specific demands of the Aviation industry have been met by Austank over many years now. We have supplied International Airports as well as small but vital remote Airfields. We will design, engineer, build and install turnkey long term solutions.