Fuel Storage Tanks for the Australian Aviation Industry - NSW, NT, WA and QLD

Austank Helps the Australian Aviation Industry Run Smoothly with Jet Fuel Storage Tanks at NSW, NT, WA and QLD Airports

Over five million passengers are transported each month on Australian domestic commercial flights. Australians can thank the family-owned Austank for making such travel possible. Austank has become synonymous with bulk fuel storage tanks across NSW, NT, WA, and QLD. We provide fuel storage not only to the airports in major regional centres in NSW and QLD but also to remote airfields around the country. We can offer a turnkey solution for every individual airport or airfield allowing for the proper management of fuel and fuel costs. Without Austank, domestic air transportation in Australia would suffer.

Austank Meets All Standards of Australian Government

In the aviation and other industries, fuel storage tanks must be built according to certain Australian Standards. For example, AS 1692-2006 - Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids, is an important requirement. At Austank, we fabricate steel storage tanks that are adapted to the harsh climates of the different areas of the nation. We understand the extremes of Australian conditions and take that into account when constructing our storage tanks. An airline or an airport cannot afford to have its operations suspended because of a lack of fuel or because of a faulty tank.

Our fuel storage tanks for QLD airports are all engineered, built, and tested in our own manufacturing plant. Each tank must meet our strict standards as part of our quality assurance program. Tanks are designed and built to our clients' requirements and customers sign off on all specifications as well as the critical points of the manufacturing process. At Austank, we are Australia's steel tank specialists and offer a five-year warranty on our workmanship.

Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks for WA Clients Are Austank’s Specialty

While we provide jet fuel storage tanks in NT as well as the rest of Australia, our primary product at Austank is diesel fuel storage tanks. We fabricate a variety of steel tanks for the agriculture industry as well as others. We include our clients in the design of the tanks so that they know that the tank and its installation are appropriate for them. Each tank is different and needs to be built for its unique situation. For example, we provide many stand-mounted overhead tanks for instances where electrical pumping equipment is not viable. In the agriculture industry, overhead tanks are used on remote farms. Gravity does the work instead of an intricate electrical pumping system.

You can be assured that when you order a tank from us at Austank, we will build it to suit your needs and the space you have available. We take a great deal of pride in our ability to come up with the perfect storage tank built to exact Australian Standards and made to last. Before the manufacture of your tank, you will receive a CAD drawing of your tank for your approval. Once signed off, the production can begin. We will keep you informed throughout the entire process until your tank is complete. We can also perform the installation if necessary.

Whether it is steel tanks for the aviation industry or diesel fuel storage tanks for the agriculture industry, Austank is the steel tank specialist in Australia. Call us today on (03) 9775 1688 or fill out the enquiry form on our website for more information.

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Industries we serve

Australian Aviation Industry

The specific demands of the Aviation industry have been met by Austank over many years now. We have supplied International Airports as well as small but vital remote Airfields. We will design, engineer, build and install turnkey long term solutions.