Built-to-Last Self Bunded Fuel Tanks in NSW, NT, WA and QLD

Austank: Your Source for Built-to-Last Self Bunded Fuel Tanks in NSW, NT, WA or QLD

When we first launched Austank in 1985, it was a small family-owned-and-operated business that specialised in building and selling domestic heating oil tanks for suburban areas throughout Melbourne. More than three decades later, we have grown into a brand that is synonymous with bulk fuel tanks throughout Australia.

The rise of Austank was not an accident or a fluke. We have been able to grow as we have by gaining the trust and long-term business of our clients. We are able to win that trust, in turn, because our products are extremely reliable and well built.

Why Choose Self Bunded Tanks in WA or NSW?

How are the steel tanks we design and build at Austank better than the competition? There are two factors that define the premium quality of every product we offer. The first is an unwavering dedication to all relevant Australian standards and regulations. For instance, we are specialists in the construction of 'self bunded' fuel tanks in NSW, NT, WA, QLD and throughout Australia as a whole.

A 'bund' is the wall that surrounds a fuel tank. A self bunded fuel tank, therefore, is a vessel that includes built-in containment fail safes to prevent spills or overflows. These steel tanks have both inner and outer walls, with an outer layer that can be used to contain overflows or leaks.

No industrial venture can afford the disruption and cost of losing valuable chemicals or fuel from one of their steel tanks—let alone the environmental ramifications or public relationship backlash of a failed tank. Investing in a self bunded fuel tank in NT or QLD frees you from worrying about a tank failure, by providing a design that inherently serves a spill prevention feature.

Self bunded tanks also save you the expense of building a tank enclosure to protect nearby neighbourhoods or environments from spills or overflows. You don't have to struggle to meet codes or standards because the double-layer protection of the tank has already met them for you. All Austank vessels are also built and tested in their own Melbourne-based manufacturing plant, under the strictest Quality Assurance Program in the industry.

Considering Australia's Intense Climate Conditions

In addition to considering Australian standards and safety concerns while designing our steel tanks, Austank has also always taken the continent's extreme climate conditions into account. Australian territories can experience freezing cold temperatures and scorching hot sun, sometimes all in the space of the same day. Rain, snow, wind, drought and other types of extreme weather are also commonplace in Australia.

All of these climate and weather factors can conspire to take a toll on something like a steel tank, which spends most of its life sitting outside, exposed to the elements. At Austank, we understand the extremes of Australia's climate and how those extremes can impact a steel tank. We build each of our products to withstand both ends of the climate spectrum, to make sure that you get a tank that can stand the test of time no matter the weather.

Learn more about Austank or our self bunded tanks in QLD, NSW, NT or WA. Call us today, on (03) 9775 1688.

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