Protect Your Resources and the Environment in NSW, NT, WA, or QLD with Austank's Self Bunded Fuel Tanks

Protect Your Resources and the Environment in NSW, NT, WA, or QLD with Austank's Self Bunded Fuel Tanks

It is no secret that Australia's conditions are tough on equipment and machinery — but it's tough on structures, too. Over time, exposure to repeated variations between extremes, combined with local conditions can cause deterioration and corrosion. When a fuel tank undergoes weathering and weakening, this deterioration poses a danger not only to people but also to the environment. Ultimately the finances of your business or agricultural operation are at risk, too. Whether you need to store fuel in remote areas on a cattle station, aviation fuel, or diesel for equipment and vehicles, using a durable tank is crucial.

Austank offers Australian industry and individuals the ability to put total faith in their fuel storage methods. Even with a wide variety of self bunded fuel tanks available for WA operations to choose from, we build every tank to order to the exacting specifications of our clients. Self bunded fuel tanks offer an excellent option for fuel storage needs of many sizes, and Austank brings them to you with the level of service and quality that industry demands. We believe we understand what it takes to create tanks that will endure for decades in Australia's conditions, and all our products are built to exceed Australian Standards specifications.

Offering superior solutions for self bunded fuel tanks in QLD

In industries like mining and construction, rugged conditions are more often the norm rather than the exception. This creates unique logistical scenarios which are difficult to remedy. The fuel tanks you might typically use requires a concrete pad and earthwork bunding. Austank's self bunded tanks eliminate this requirement by being an entirely self-contained unit. We also offer self bunded fuel tanks to NSW industry fitted with canopies, pumps, and fill lines for added convenience. All of these tanks are fully transportable as well, making them ideal for temporary fuel storage needs.

Austank can create self bunded fuel tanks for NT mining operations with capacities from 10,000 to over 100,000 litres. No matter the demands of your industry, Austank will create products that you can rely upon for durability and excellent storage volume. We subject all tanks to hydrostatic and dye penetrant testing, as well as other quality assurance steps, to guarantee that they will stand up to the tough conditions of any industrial area. Our team will even assist with installation and removal of your self bunded tanks — we provide a total service with the ultimate goal of pure client satisfaction.

Strong, sturdy, and reliable for years to come: that's Austank quality

When you must safeguard your fuel from the harsh outdoor environments of Australia, Austank is the fabricator that delivers the reliable self bunded fuel tanks QLD industry can trust. Ask us about all of the different additional options we can add to your tanks, including canopies and fuel metres. If you require more information about products or have questions you would like to ask, ring us on 03 9775 1688. We look forward to addressing your concerns and working with you soon!

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Australian Aviation Industry

The specific demands of the Aviation industry have been met by Austank over many years now. We have supplied International Airports as well as small but vital remote Airfields. We will design, engineer, build and install turnkey long term solutions.