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Storage tanks for fuel - Built in Australia to Australian Standards.

Storage tanks for fuel - Self-bunded and single skin fuel storage tanks from 100Lt to 200,000Lt horizontal and vertical, Australian engineered and fabricated. All our storage tanks for fuel are built to Australian Standards; AS 1692-2006 Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids, AS 1940-2017 The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids & API650 Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage (where required), Ladders & Platforms are built to Australian Standards AS 1657-2018 Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairs and Ladders.

Above Ground Fuel Storage Tanks

Above ground diesel fuel storage tanks are Austank’s number 1 selling product. They come in all shapes & sizes, we have a standard range that starts from 100lt and goes to 110,000lt for self bunded (double skinned) and 200,000lt for single skin.

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Self Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks.

Diesel fuel storage tanks are Austank’s number one selling product. Although they come in all sizes and shapes, we have a standard range that starts from 100lt and goes to 110,000lt for self bunded and 200,000lt for single skin.

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BLOC Fuel storage tanks.

BLOC tanks are stackable, transportable, self bunded fuel tanks, designed to store diesel, flammable liquids, oils and hydrocarbons safely. Ideal for industries looking for a more versatile, lower volume fuel storage alternative for depots or isolated locations, while complying with safety and environmental standards.

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Rectangular fuel storage tanks.

Austank’s (CAT 3) rectangular diesel fuel tanks are ideal for situations where either an on-ground tank is too large or an Overhead tank is not viable. Rectangular tanks are available in single skin and self bunded varieties. Common applications for rectangular tanks are storage of diesel, oil & petroleum products.

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Overhead diesel fuel storage tanks farm use

Overhead Farm Fuel tanks

These tanks are ideal for agricultural & industrial situations where electrical pumping equipment is not viable due to remote location making gravity feed the only option. These overhead tanks can be used for petrochemicals and many other types of liquids.

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Single skinned fuel storage tank designed and fabricated to hold kerosene.

Single Skin Fuel Storage Tanks.

Single Skin Fuel Tanks can be rectangular or horizontal. They come complete with steel cradles/legs ready to be placed in your bund. Used for fuel or chemical storage. Built for strength and durability with dished and flanged ends and in accordance with Australian Standards.

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aviation fuel storage tanks

Aviation Fuel Storage Tanks

The specific demands of the Aviation industry have been met by Austank over many years now. We have supplied International Airports as well as small but vital remote Airfields. We will design, engineer, build and install turnkey long term solutions.

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