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Bitumen and Emulsion Storage Tanks

Austank has the experience and expertise to build bitumen and Emulsion storage tanks. We have been building Bitumen Storage Tank for many years and have extensive experience in this area.

Austank has created a reputation for being a versatile provider of high-quality tank solutions. With many years of experience servicing industries as varied as mining, transport, aviation and floriculture, you can count on us to provide the high-quality steel tank systems necessary for your industrial plant or project.

One of our areas of specialty at Austank is in the bitumen and emulsion storage tank category. We have worked with many asphalt plants and similar ventures over the years to provide solutions for bitumen storage, heating and delivery.

Our bitumen storage tanks are thoroughly insulated, come in both vertical and horizontal configurations and can be built and delivered to locations in NSW, NT, WA and QLD alike.

Why Choose Austank to build your Bitumen and Emulsion Storage Tanks?

Austank’s bitumen and emulsion storage tanks are a high-quality solution for asphalt plants for a variety of reasons. The first reason is customisation. In addition to choosing a horizontal or vertical configuration for your tank or tanks, you can also request specified heating elements, tank sizes and more.

Our quality control system for these tanks is defined by total traceability and transparency. We design each bitumen storage tank in NT or QLD to the specifications of our clients, and the client must sign off on every drawing and spec before we will move ahead into the manufacturing stages.

We also maintain a strict internal quality control system, to avoid any mistakes or oversights in the design of your tank.

The second reason to invest in a bitumen storage tank from Austank is that we are not just designers or manufacturers. On the contrary, when you come to Austank seeking a bitumen storage tank design in WA or NSW, we will provide a full start-to-finish service to ensure maximum consistency and quality control. Listed below is the timeline of services we provide for a bitumen tank project:

  • We consult with you on your tank needs and specifications.
  • We conceptualise and design the tank on paper.
  • We build the tank based on an approved design.
  • We monitor the manufacturing process to ensure a high-quality product.
  • We complete the site delivery and installation ourselves, including all necessary pipework.
  • We remove any old or obsolete bitumen tanks from your workspace, to make way for your new tank.
  • As you can see, when it comes to bitumen storage or heating tanks, Austank covers all bases of the project.

Our experience across a range of different industries has honed both the quality of our steel tanks and our customer service methodology, and we believe our comprehensive service solutions speak to that fact.