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Single Skin Fuel Storage Tanks.

Where space is not a limiting factor, Above ground fuel storage tanks are traditionally used due to lower setup costs, installation and maintenance benefits.

Our Single Skin Fuel Storage Tanks – rectangular or horizontal – come complete with steel cradles/legs and are ready to be placed in your bund.

Our single skin fuel storage tanks come standard with;

  • 1 x 50NB BSP Pipe Dropper – Fill/Dip c/w calibrated dipstick & aluminium weatherproof cap
  • 1 x 50NB BSP Socket – Spare
  • 1 x 25NB BSP Socket – Outlet c/w flame proof ball valve
  • 1 x 25NB BSP Socket & Pipe Riser (150mm) – Vent c/w aluminium weatherproof cap
  • 1 x 15NB BSP Socket & Plug – Drain

If tank is over 5000Lt

  • 1 x galvanised access ladder

If tank is over 25,000Lt (or 5000Lt if flammable)

  • 1 x 50NB BSP Socket – Audible Alarm – battery

Optional extras for single skin storage tanks include:

  • Manways/Inspection Hatches
  • Galvanised access ladder
  • Remote fill lines
  • Multiple compartments/split tank options
  • Pumps & dispensing setups
  • Spill containment (15Lt)
  • Drip Trays
  • MDRs (manufacturers data record)
  • ANSI or Other Flanges as required

Austank’s above ground storage tanks can be used for a large range of applications including, diesel, petroleum and chemical applications. Protective coatings to customer’s and / or code requirements and fittings to suit processing requirements (eg. flanged nozzles).Built for strength and durability with dished and flanged ends and shell thickness in accordance with Australian Standards.

All our above ground fuel storage tanks manufactured to meet or exceed current industry standards

AS 1692-2006 Steel Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids

AS 1657-2018 Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairways and Ladders – Design, construction and installation

AS 1940-2017 The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquid

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